Battle Of The Bands

To start the game and begin your career as a rock star, you will probably have to begin on the easiest level. When you first star playing, you may realize that the easy level isn't all that easy. However, as you progress, it will become easier to use your fingers in various orders. Be careful though; if you make too many mistakes, you will lose the game.

If you make it to the next level, the difficulty will increase and the pace of the game will get much faster. Many people that can type quickly actually find it easier to play on the faster-paced levels. Those people may have to concentrate and intentionally slow themselves down in order to complete the first level.

This is a great game to help practice your Guitar Hero reaction times. The timing is a little different from other games that are based on the Guitar Hero style because you have to react slightly before the note reaches the end of the run. The easiest way to tell if you're hitting the notes at the right moment is to watch the color of the light flashes. When you miss, you will see a red light. When you're slightly off, you will see an orange light. When you hit the note perfectly, you will see a green light.

Select: Left Click