Coolio Beat 2

In Coolio Beat 2, there are more tracks and a new background that allows you to focus more on your career. The new tracks are also completely unlocked, which means that you can choose what you want to play whenever you want to play it. It's a great feature, whether you're playing against friends or just trying to improve your skills.

Another new feature to the game play is the format of the keys. Instead of having two different instruments playing at the same time, you can practice your guitar skills with a simple A, S, D, F, G setup that is perfect for playing online. Pushing more into the realm of user comfort, this is an aspect that the previous version was lacking.

Coolio Beat 2 focuses more on rock music and the traditional guitar game style, which makes it attractive to more people. If you want the title of ultimate cool, you will have to beat this game first.

Select: Left Click