Guitar Geek

In Guitar Geek, you have to go to local bars and see if your talent can keep you enrolled in school. However, you can flunk out of this game by missing too many notes. But if you can master all five stages, you will be able to proudly wear the crown of Guitar Geek.

The controls for Guitar Geek are much easier to use because your left hand naturally rests on them. However, that is where the simplicity of this game stops. Playing on any level, other than easy, will result in frantic searches for the correct button, confused fingers, and a brain that can't remember which order D and S sit in. The number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 can also be used, which may make it easier for people who have an issue with hand placement. If you're right handed, H, J, K and L will work, too.

Select: Left Click