Keytar Hero 2

Keytar Hero 2 brings back all of the fun you expect from the game, while also making it more difficult and harder to complete each level. The notes come at you much faster than they did in Keytar Hero 1, which makes it much harder to keep up the pace and play under pressure from your audience.

With new tracks and more songs to unlock, there is more of a chance to reap the rewards of being the best guitar player. You can also play in exhibition mode to help you improve your skills before you hit the stage.

In Keytar Hero 2, the crowd meter is back, and the audience is even more critical. In Keytar Hero 1, it was easy to come back from a couple of mistakes. In Keytar Hero 2, you really have to fight to maintain your status with the crowd and successfully complete the song.

Keytar Hero 2 also allows you to inject a little of your own personality. There are five options for your character, and there are ten different guitars that you can use.

Select: Left Click