Mr Mucky Guitar Legend

In this game, you are not playing popular songs that you may already know by heart. Instead, you have to choose between three different songs that are funny to listen to and even funnier to play.

After you choose a song, it's time to choose your weapon of choice. For the guitars, you can select a Les Paul, Flying V, or a Banjo. But those aren't the only instrument choices! You can also play a fish or a blow up doll. In Mr. Mucky Guitar Legend, picking out your instrument is half the fun.

But the choices do not end there. In this quick-play game, there are nearly as many backgrounds as there are instruments. You can play in front of a pier and green hillside, or a stone wall, a rocky-ridged desert, or a sandy desert with cactus. In each background, there are different things that you will notice about Mr. Mucky's behavior as you play. To see him do more, play better; it's that simple and you will thank yourself for it later.

So, if you think you're tough enough to handle the crazy capers of Mr. Mucky and his wild instruments, invite some friends over, compete for the best score, laugh, and have a great time.

Select: Left Click