Riff Master 1

Riff Master 1 offers you the chance to feel the thrill of the crowd roaring. However, they can also boo you off the stage. To unlock new tracks, you will have to score well and earn the praise of the crowd. It sounds simple, but with five different songs and a bonus track, it can take awhile to master all fifteen levels.

As you advance to higher levels, the tracks get harder and the guitars get cooler. Aside from the new and more challenging songs, there are also five different guitars that you can use to customize your character to your personal tastes and change them whenever you want to for that extra flair. Whether you want a Black Sabbath look or a Hendrix theme, there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

No matter how good you think you are, you still need to be careful to not make many mistakes. Not only will the crowd boo at you, but they will also pelt you with food. Completing this game will be no easy task, and you will quickly find that the songs are much harder to play than they appear. However, you can spend hours trying to perfect your skills.

Select: Left Click